The Relevance of Quality In a Generation of Economic Crisis

Emma Watson

Today’s economic trend seems to be going nowhere near Utopia. Everyone’s feeling the immense pressure and difficulty the crisis has been putting in a generation of consumerist society. People lost their jobs, their homes, their cars and their families that sometimes we can’t help but think about those beautifully dressed people in their tuxedos and dresses around Manhattan. How do they survive the New York work ethics and the fast urban lifestyle yet still dress, look and feel elegant and in control? I had hundreds of theories in my head as to the reason why but they all pointed in the same direction. Maybe, just maybe, they’re choosing quality.

No. Price does not equate to quality because in reality, price literally means quantity. What do I mean by this? Let’s take my case for example. All my life since time immemorial, I’ve been schooled that make-ups when properly used can certainly make our bland face prettier, whether it be more sweet or more fierce, that depends on how we want it. There’s no fault in that thought for the fairy-power of cosmetics has been proven strong for over a millenia, dating back to the early Egyptian queens and pharoahs. Come the year 2013 where I threw all my “junk make-ups” and switched to a more healthier and holistic way of making my face more presentable. It first started with the emergence of the bare-face pictures of the lovely Emma Watson and on the fact that she attended award ceremonies with just powder and lipgloss alone during her Harry Potter days. Well, who am I kidding? Emma’s got naturally nice skin anyway according to King Ronald Weasley. Maybe using her as an imagery is something frivolous.

But have you ever thought about that maybe if you tried your best to make your skin as healthy as it can be, then life can probably be easier by two percent? Come to think of it though, if we invest in quality facial cleansers, toners, moisturizers and sunblock, drank enough water and ate healthy, wouldn’t that make our skin younger, glowing and natural? Wouldn’t that make our pores look cleaner and healthier, and wouldn’t that prevent those pimples we loathe and cover up with thick cosmetics that costs hundreds of dollars? Wouldn’t those things prevent our faces from sagging and forming wrinkles and wouldn’t those save us the trouble of paying thousands of dollars just to have the dermatologists poke around our faces? Healthy is not instant, but it’s certainly not superficial.

You see, the same rule applies when purchasing the everyday products in our lives. Buying quality bags and shoes that will last us for over a decade is better than acquiring poor quality, trendy and colorful pieces from a department store that will surely be replaced after a few months by another poor quality trend. Investing in a few classic and quality wardrobe is better than buying tons of bargain clothing that will be a waste of fabric after a year. Nowadays, most of us feel that we need to cut back on clothing or miscellaneous expenses as we need to focus more on having quality food still served on the table. But those people who invested in excellence are the ones who do not worry about these matters for they could always just go back to the timeless pieces they invested in. What others thought as “a waste of good money” is now the reason why everybody thinks they’re ahead than most in these hard times. Nevermind if you have to repeat your clothing after a week or two, it’s Louis Vuitton anyway so who cares?

Truth is, there’s a reason why quality has a more expensive tag price. It’s because they will save more than your money in the long run. Those pieces will minimize the time and effort you need in driving to the nearest mall and purchasing a new one. It will save you the trouble of worrying if the clothing fits the trend or fits the event, because it will fit. The same goes with having a quality life rather than quantity. Spending the weekend with your kids and taking up less overtime at work will prove to be beneficial in the long run, rather than having those stress and time-chasing place you on an exhausted and depthless life.



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