My First Time

The title sounds wrong, I know, but it’s really far from rude. I just think this will be a fun thing to type and re-read over and over again once I’ve published so I hope you guys feel the same way. Since I am thirty minutes early for my class (which is certainly not normal), reminiscing my childhood would be a fun way to waste time, right? Nah. I’m boring you right now am I? But you’ve read this far anyway so why don’t you stay and finish this post. I’m going to talk about my first times in life as a human being since being born 21 years ago. This will be funny I promise!

Note: If you haven’t read my post about Aaron or my high school experiences, then you definitely need to read my past posts! The links to them can be found below.

Here it goes:

  • My first blog in my whole cyberspace life is the one I made last November. Don’t look for it, it’s gone now. I deleted it because I did not feel quite comfortable with the whole vibe of the blog per se. Although when I created Speculating Lass 2 and a half weeks ago, I did not know if I was going to make it a kind of a “niche” type of blog or the chit-chatty kind. I ended up doing both anyway so it doesn’t matter. Thanks to all the people who followed and who will follow in the future. I really love sharing and writing, it takes my mind off the whole design and drawing thing I do every second I spend in college. This blog has been such a wonderful breather!
  • My first kiss was in middle school with a guy who knew I liked him. I was such a horrible and annoying hopeless romantic when I was little that every person you ask at school knew whom I liked. Ofcourse, that has changed now. I’m not like that anymore if you’re curious. But it was such a surreal moment that he just kissed me while we were talking at the swing one evening when his friends and my friends were hanging out at the park. It’s kind of like the same thing with Aaron with the whole “I know you want me to kiss you” thing. Hmmm… I think I have the ability to mentally convince guys that I like to kiss me, don’t you think? Uh-oh. I know you want it too girls haha.


  • The first best friend I had was a guy named Mark back in Delaware. I had no idea that he had the biggest crush on me the whole time we were “best friends” so I guess that also qualifies him as the first guy I friendzoned? As a five year-old girl, I also found him cute don’t get me wrong, but I was too boyish back then to even notice this. A few years ago though, I went and visited my aunt in Delaware as my family migrated to California since third grade. To our surprise (I guess he was shocked too because the expression of his face was priceless), Mark and I accidentally saw each other while walking on opposite sides of the sidewalk. We were literally just a few meters away and we were staring at each others eyes with so much intensity. I was extremely, extremely surprised when I saw him dressed as a drag queen with the whole bra and fake eyelashes. After a few minutes of staring which felt like forever, he just turned his back and ranaway with his high heels on, a feat I couldn’t even do myself as a matter of fact. On the same night, my aunt told me that Mark’s a proud gay now and he did his coming out many years back. Woah.
  • My first and only best friend in California is Dani. We met during the first lunch break I had at my private high school. She was this girl with huge eyeglasses (which looked cute on her by the way) reading Harry Potter on the corner table. No one was seated on her table besides her so I sat there as I sensed that we were both having an awkward first day. She was kind of boring to talk to at first with all the smart stuff she was saying but as the days went by, I learned to love it. I shared my favorite bands and shows with her and before we knew it, we were already the kind of bff every girl dreamed of. She started becoming a nosy and noisy gal that her classmates since kindergaten were shocked with what she has become. Dibs to me ofcourse. Kidding!

tumblr_static_nina-dobrev-candice-accola-1 (1)

  • The first girl-kiss I had was early Junior year at a high school party. I am not much of a party-animal but I attended it anyway since I was hoping to start anew in my high school social life. Ordinarily, I came in late as everybody had their eyes on me. I know I know, I am not a regular party attendee so stop glaring at me. My friends were extremely happy I came that they dragged me to a group of people playing truth or dare. When it was my turn, they did not give me the choice of truth since  they knew who I liked anyway and there’s nothing much exciting going on with my life (ouch!). I had to accept the dare since I obviously had no choice. The dare was to kiss the prettiest girl I find in the party, not including the already drunk ones as it were too easy. I saw this brunette girl and I thought she was pretty. I asked permission if I could kiss her since it was only a friggin’ dare, nothing serious. She was amused by it and agreed to kiss me since I asked nicely. What can I say? It was… soft? It was sweet, mild, cool… yeah okay fine, I liked it!
  • The first job I ever had was a cashier back when I was sixteen at a cute and girly furniture store which had the most adorable pastel theme. I absolutely loved my job there since the customers were always so kind and pretty, a complete opposite of fast-food customers I tell ‘ya! I believe it was the thing that influenced me the most as to the reason why I took up Architecture, besides the fact that all my career exams told me never to take it.

Fryd - home3

  • The first liquor I took was a Martini Rocci back in 5th grade. My family isn’t much of a drinker as they only drink a sip of something during holidays. I on the other hand, was this curious girl who grabbed the displayed bottled of liquor and drank the whole thing under 15 minutes. I thought I was cool since it is what’s always shown on TV (I blame the media). My stomach started grumbling after an hour as I ran to the bathroom and started throwing up. I was definitely not feeling well that I remember not having even the energy to stand up and open the bathroom’s door. I just crawled towards the bathtub and spent the whole night sleeping on the cold porcelain. Such a pitiful wasted kid, huh?
  • The first of the many embarassing things I did in college was connected to my first Loubotins, a graduation gift from Dani. Now I am not a person who wear stilettos, rather, a person who loves wearing combat boots that can kick ass. But I was a freshmen and I thought it is imperative to look “mature and professional” in college, or maybe I just watched too much Gossip Girl, i’m not sure. I was walking confidently on the staircase when I suddenly lost my balance due to the shoes’ height and sprained my ankle. The guys below were holding their laughter as they saw my polka-dot undies I guess, and a girl offered to help me walk to where I was going. I refused and opted to limp towards my classroom which was at the very end of the hallway. Too much pride Genesis, too much.


  • The first book I ever finished reading was Septimus Heap: Magyk given by Aaron when we were in Senior Year. He was completely sicken by the fact that I have never finished a single book ever, saying that a seventeen year-old girl who haven’t even finished a single book was the most pitiful thing he had ever witnessed. Since then he started giving me books every week as he forced me to finish each one in five days. I gotta’ thank him for that because it’s the reason why I started my love for writing.


  • Speaking of Aaron, I believe it is imperative for me to relay when and where our first kiss happened. This is quite funny and non-romantic at all as we were arguing the whole time it happened. This took place a few weeks after our junior prom happened. The school club that we were both officers in had a small camaraderie party at the club president’s enormous house. Every officer were forced to say their crushes out loud. Nobody was enthralled to know mine since they think I would say it’s Aaron. To their surprise though, I told the crowd including Aaron that I have no feelings for him anymore (lies!), and that if ever I felt those dumb feelings were returning, I will force myself to forget about it as I am sure I will meet someone better when college happens. Everybody was at awe, except Aaron who was just smirking and was probably thinking that the words coming out of my mouth was pure bull (as it really was). He walked with me at the garden as he exclaimed that I just wasted my effort on convincing him that I do not like him anymore. His cockiness got my blood boiling, as usual, that I told him he’s too full of himself that he’s not even noticing I don’t even like him anymore and will soon forget him during Senior Year. He just laughed a little and suddenly kissed me out of nowhere. I had my eyes open damn it, it was so awkward! Then he said, “Let’s see if you still forget about me…” and then he just left. What the heck right?
  • The first Korean drama I have ever watched was SpringWaltz back when me and my family had vacation in Singapore. I shed tears on that series that I barely left the hotel just to finish watching it. Since then I fell in love with Korean dramas and movies. 

Spring Waltz (7)

Hmmm… do you have any dirty little first times you’d like to share? Are you curious about a “first time” I did not mention in this post? Why don’t you comment it below and I shall answer your questions! Better yet, why don’t you make your own “My First Time” post?


Aaron Post:

Private High School Experience:


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One thought on “My First Time

  1. I usually shy away from longer text posts, but this was well written and fun to read. The double entendre of the title drew me in, and I’m glad. Good stuff.

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