To A Captivating Future That Will Be Hard To Live Up To


I hope your 2013 started on a very lovely tune and I hope you achieve more this coming 2014! I do not know whether it is proper to apologize for making wonderful people like you guys read such long posts from an absolutely brand new blogger like me or not. Setting that aside though, I would like to personally thank all of my followers for reading, commenting, and even e-mailing me wonderful messages with regards to my blog and life. With 2013 being captivating as it is, I do not know how life can throw more amazing memories to treasure. As with Speculating Lass, I promise to write more posts that will hopefully inspire more people with regards to dealing with life in a more sensible manner. I will not pretend to know everything, since I am just a mere 21-year old lass full of speculations in life, but I will try my best to relay what I have learned. In connection to that, I would like to share some of the highlights that I have encountered this year that makes it hard to live up to.

The first one on the list was that I got to travel to Australia last May to visit my best friend Dani. She’s currently taking up Law at the University of New South Wales. She convinced her parents to let her study in a foreign land for her to experience, even just a little, of what life has to offer beyond the fences her parents’ status has created for her. Visiting her was a milestone for myself too for the reason that it was the first time in my entire life that I have travelled using solely my hard-earned savings. How I wish my best friend and I had more bonding time together but Law Schools are extremists. On the brighter side though, I got to travel to the different parts of that beautiful country and I finally got to see a baby kangaroo tucked inside a mother kangaroo’s belly pocket!

The next one was the celebration of my 21st birthday last August! I am that one person you meet in life who dislikes having birthday parties with people I barely even know the name. My family came to visit me here in Brooklyn to celebrate my adulthood. We opted for the cooking skills of my mother rather than having an expensive chef create a meal that will only last up to our throats. My family resumed their daily lives after that eventful birthday as it was Aaron’s turn to surprise me. If you have read my past post about him, then more or less you now have the idea of what he’s like. Now, Aaron’s not much fond of birthday parties like myself, much more of surprises. During my past birthdays, he had always given me what I told him to give me, with a little birthday surprise with our friends on the side. Arranging teeny parties like those are already a basket full of effort for a non-cheesy person like him so I appreciate it with all of my soul. But this year was something extremely different! He had a plane ticket for Paris sent to me a few days before my birthday and he had an elegant-looking Bentley pick me up at the airport. We had a little dinner with champagne at a very romantic hotel overlooking the Eiffel tower! That day was just full of laughter, romance and appreciation that I didn’t even realize it was the same Aaron I have loved throughout the years. He’s just full of surprises!

Speaking of Aaron, both of us celebrated Thanksgiving at his lovely home. As we reminisced our first memories together at that place, his mother arrived and requested him to go on an errand, an obvious excuse for him to leave both of us alone. His mother took that stolen time to thank me for always being on her son’s side even if he wasn’t the perfect boyfriend nor the kind of partner a lady like myself wanted. I told her that if there was a person who have seen her son’s negative and positive side, it was me, and amidst all that I still accepted him and loved him with everything I’ve got. I was surprised when his mother suddenly had this lovely box on her right hand and told me that Aaron once told her that finding a girl like me was harder that finding a needle in a haystack. He’d find the needle first before finding someone like me in life and that was the reason why ever since, Aaron never thought of letting me go. I almost teared up hearing those words as I couldn’t imagine Aaron being all romantic and cheesy like that when talking about me. Inside the box was the most alluring necklace I have ever seen and Aaron’s mother said that it reminded me of her the moment she saw it at Tiffany’s.

Last but certainly not the least was the reason why I made this post in the first place. As what my friends tell me, I probably am the most unhealthy person they will encounter in life. I devour junk foods and instant noodles like there’s no tomorrow and I never regretted it. I love cholesterol, oil, fats, and especially KFC that I always told my friends that if I were to die because of food, then atleast I died happy. I have always thought about death especially on what it feels like when people’s soul finally leaves their physical body. I wanted to experience it, without the dying factor ofcourse, as I know it will give me more knowledge on how to live my life in a proper manner. As I was jogging through the park like I do every 5 am, I decided to take my speed to another level and finish two straight rounds without slowing down. After doing that, I noticed a ringing sensation in both of my ears as I suddenly had difficulty in breathing. I thought this was a normal thing when pushing our bodies on something for the first time and so I countinued jogging. I started to feel sick a few moments later and decided to sit on a bench and rest. A few minutes more I already started throwing up large amounts of liquid as I felt my body becoming light but at the same time heavy as I could not even dial 911 for rescue. I opened my eyes after a few seconds and wondered why everything’s black and I could hear people asking me if I was okay. I can’t speak, I can’t see, and I can’t even feel their touches as I felt all of my body becoming numb faster than a speeding car. I was conscious for I can hear people telling me not to sleep but at the same time I felt like I was dying. I heard people say that if the rescue fails to get there after five minutes, then I’m gonna die. I heard them shouting that my face was all grey, my lips were purple, and my body was almost as cold as a corpse. I thought I was going to die and the first thing that came to my mind was, “Oh wow, dying feels this way. I finally experienced it atlast.” I never thought of anything else, not even Aaron nor my family. I just thought about death and focused on trying to remember what it felt like. Luckily for me there was a nurse passing by and saw the people crowding on me. She immediately did a first-aid which brought my consciousness back as we waited for the rescue.

That wraps up my 2013! That wasn’t everything ofcourse as I was afraid to make this post longer than it already is and bore you people further. My very best regards to all of you people reading this and again thank you very much for the kind messages, follows and  for the comments my last three posts have been receiving!

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