You’re Hating on Asian Women Because You’re Ignorant


As a person who is part Asian, I find it quite offensive to hear other races talk about the citizens of the largest continent in the world in the most negative and deregatory manner. Just the other day I was having coffee with a friend of mine when I heard a table of white women laugh and insult the Asian girl seated a few tables to their right. I was glad they were not talking about me because if they did, all hell will break loose at that coffee shop. What can I say? I am not like most Asian women. I did my research the moment I got home. To no surprise there are a lot of Asian hate in the United States especially from white women. But I am not going to focus on their hate. I’m going to focus on America’s misconception about Asian women and Asian culture in general. If you have personal issues towards a certain Asian, please forget that hate for a moment before reading this post further.

And oh- if you’re not in any way an Asian hater, please keep in mind that this post is not directed towards you.

1.) Asians Are Annoying and Dumb Because They Can’t Speak English in the United States

lee bo young

Look, unless you can speak Chinese the moment you step your foot on China, please stop saying this. English and Asian (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Arabic, etc) even have different characters and symbols compared to your ABCs. Why can’t you understand that? It makes me think that half of the people who whine this have not step foot in a foreign land and the other half who did are really stupid. United States does not have Chinese, Korean, Arabic and Japanese translations on their maps and their road signages, right? So do Asian countries. If you’re an American and you got lost in China, can you read the Chinese signages and maps? You’re going to ask questions to the citizens right? I’m sure the Chinese people won’t be thinking, “Ugh, so annoying! This American can’t speak Chinese. So uneducated and dumb.” Jeez, stop being such a hypocrite. You want to be understood in a foreign land yet you don’t want to understand foreigners in your land.

2.) Asian Women are Whores Who Does Anything and Everything For Money


True but not quite. I guess it’s more proper to say, “Desperate people are whores who does anything and everything for money.” I mean if you’re not desperate enough, why would you whore yourself out right? This thing is not solely exclusive for Asian women. Have you seen Miley Cyrus lately? I’m definitely sure she’s not Asian. Don’t get me started with Paris Hilton and the Kardashian sisters. And before you lash out and tell me to let them live their own lives, let me just remind you to remind yourself first to let Asian women live their lives the way they want to. If they want to earn money by marrying an old coop then why are you so frustrated about that? And isn’t prostitution legal in the American state of Nevada? I am not judging but can everyone just stop the hypocrisy?

3.) I Don’t Buy Asian Women’s Warm Kindness. It’s Too Much. They Will Need Something From You Sooner or Later


I never knew that there will come a time when being “too” kind is considered a negative thing already. I am not sure if this kind of unnecessary doubt exists in Europe or Australia but it sure doesn’t in Asia. Why? Because being nice is the normal thing to do in Asia. Women in Asia are brought up to be always nice and caring. If they’re already getting pissed off at their neighbor’s noisy house, the more they should show temper and patience. Asian women were told since little that they are the light of their homes which will guide the family members through the right path in life. So how the heck would you expect a woman to guide their children on the right path if they themselves don’t know how to be nice? You need to sincerely watch Asian dramas to know their culture. Why are you hating one their nice-ness? Shouldn’t you hate rude women who bitch out at a restaurant just because the waiter did not give enough tissue? Shouldn’t you hate peole who lets their dog poop on other people’s yard? Seriously, why are you hating on nice people? I think people who judge Asians like this say a lot more about themselves than the people they are judging. Maybe they only show warm kindness towards other people when they need something. It’s fine if that’s how they roll but they shouldn’t generalize other people based on their personality.

4.) Asians should just stay on Asia. They should stop getting citizenship in America because this is not their country.

asian american

Asians aren’t trying to conquer your land so stop overreacting. Before you say that Asians do not belong in your country, please keep in mind that America invaded Iraq and left the land in scourge after 2011. Sixty percent of Iraqi children are suffering psychological problems and millions of people were displaced. Yeah, okay you think I’m being biased right? How about this, 73% of the global population disapproves of USA’s handling in the Iraq War and UK/Canada believes that the war was “unjustified.” Who doesn’t belong to where again? I thought the United States was the “Land of the Free”, but now you’re saying that Asians can’t be in your land. Look, if they are illegal then fine, hate on them for not following the law but please have some respect for the legal ones.

5.) Asian Women are Stealing White Men

vivian hsu

Unless the white man you’re referring to is another person’s husband, then you don’t have the right to say this. Is it the Asian girl’s fault that white men like her? They’re not drugging nor forcing them so I don’t know what the hell are people’s problem. But do you want a tip as to why some men prefer Asian women than others? Let’s take it to fandoms:

Recently SNSD (Girl’s Generation, a Korean girl group) won the Youtube Music Awards against Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Their fan’s reactions:



Asian fans from different parts of the globe’s sweet gestures (SONE – it’s what the fans call themselves):


Did you see the video? Hey, just because an Asian dominated doesn’t mean you’re not gonna clap and show respect. I am not a fan of the girl group but I know YTMA so I’ve seen them and… the audience’s reaction. As I have observed (some but not all) white women bitch out on the simplest things. They love using foul words as expressions and they tend to always strive for female domination. Nothing wrong with that alright? But you see, some white men like girls who actually listens to them. They like women who can clean, cook and take care of the children. Uhh no, this is not the work of a maid. This is what mothers are supposed to be doing– taking care of their families. While watching Masterchef Junior, Gordon Ramsay asked a kid how many times does he cook in a week. The kid answered that he cooks around six times per week. The judges were at awe and commented, “That’s more than the average American household” and I was seriously mindblown. What the heck? My half Asian mother cooks everyday from breakfast ’till dinner! How are you sure about the stuff you’re putting inside your body if you’re always buying it from god knows where! And then you complain that men prefer Asian women? Gosh. You need to remember that there are cultural differences. In Asia, a woman takes care of a family by nurturing them while the man takes care of a family by working and earning. Well I guess some western men prefer that kind of culture too.

6.) Asian Women Have the Worst Faces! They Love Getting Plastic Surgery Because They’re not Satisfied With What They Have


May I remind you that Ashlee Simpson, Ashley Tisdale, Britney Spears and Kelly Rowland had plastic surgeries? You don’t care right? So do Asians. I know why you don’t care. It’s because they’re already beautiful in the first place and the surgeries are just for improvements. Then why is it that you overreact when an “ugly” Asian undergo a procedure and turn out to be beautiful? Why is it so bad for “ugly” people to make themselves beautiful while it’s acceptable for people who are already pretty in the first place? Besides, Asian women look younger than most race anyway so there’s really no need for them to have their face stretched or whatever. Stop getting mad. It’s not your money, not your face and not your identity so it does not concern you. The picture above, for your information, is Japan’s Masako Mizuni. The 45 year-old woman who looks like 20. She never had any plastic surgeries– ever.

So that concludes my post about Asian-hating people and the misconceptions about Asian women! If you can’t understand another race’s culture, then please read books and travel. If you don’t want to do that then just stop judging and stop acting like a stupid moron who shows their lack of understanding and education through racism.


10 thoughts on “You’re Hating on Asian Women Because You’re Ignorant

  1. I’m south Asian, but still count as part of that massive umbrella term of: “Asian” and I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading this post. I write about the issues that Asian women face as well as what first, second and third generations go through in Britain (balancing an ethnic identity with national identity.)
    You hit the nail on the head and keep writing! Look forward to reading more of your posts

    • that’s a nice topic to blog about! I am looking forward to reading those 🙂 Thank you very much for taking your time on reading about the stuff I had to say about Asian-Americans! Happy New Year! 🙂

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